Dollar Shave Club

I found the BEST gift for my husband for Christmas this year.  “Dollar Shave Club”; this is seriously a perfect way to keep your hubby in quality shave products that just keep magically arriving.  You pick the blade: they range from $1-$9 and come with the free compatible handle.  You decide how often you get the delivery (shave a lot? Go monthly.  Shave a little? Go every other month).  By they way, as I really don’t know what I am doing choosing a blade for my man, you should know you can change them with no hassle the following shipment and you will receive a new free handle.  I chose the “4x” which is the most popular.  Next up you can add their wonderful shave and style products to complete the box.  “Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter” is perfect for shaving even on sensitive skin and runs $6.  “Magnanimous Post Shave” is a great way to moisturize after you shave.  Super luxurious!  I know my husband will love “Miracle Repair Serum” which is wonderful at calming his razor bumps and burns.  They call it miracle potion and I am sure it is!  Now onto his hair style and Dollar Shave Club totally brings the best styling products from “Boogies”.  Their “Hair Cream” will actually style while improving the health of your scalp.  “Hair Paste” is a little stronger to make your style defined and last all day.  “Hair Fiber” brings a thick and full shape with medium hold.  “Casual Hair Clay” is super high hold with bold definition.  Each one of these products seems totally better than the next.  By the way, “One Wipe Charlies” are also available which are quite possibly the best handi-wipe out there.  Super fresh peppermint scent keeps your face and hands refreshed, clean and ready to move on with your busy day.  To be honest, next time we order I will be getting a whole package of these wipes just for my pocketbook.  This is the perfect gift for the man in your life this holiday season: you can send them 12 months of shaving glory!  For more information please visit

dollar shave club

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