Bug Bars & Fish Chips Are Interesting New Snacks

So if you asked me a few months ago if I would allow my children to eat chips made from Salmon and protein bars made with bug protein I would laugh in your face.  Pandemic 2020 has made me open to trying all new things in this crazy time we are living in.  Or maybe I am just giving up at this point…who knows but check out these interesting and very different snacks we are sampling over here.

Bug Out Bars: These are chocolate based protein bars full of cricket protein.  Why crickets??  Because they are sustainable and nutrient-dense.  This bar has so many proteins I can’t believe it.  This is 2 times the amount of beef protein, 6x the B12 of wild salmon and has way more amino acids and Omegas than you can actually handle.  And since crickets are so sustainable we can cut down on water use, greenhouse gases etc in the process.  So you ask…how do they taste? They are not too sweet and have the perfect texture.  Oh, and they do not weigh you down like other protein bars.  This is 15g of protein per bar.  They are perfect for your backpack, gym bag or work tote.  For all the activity in your life!  I was skeptical too but they really are yummy!

Good Fish Chips:  these are crispy salmon skins in four flavors (chili lime, tart cranberry, spicy bbq and sea salt).  I know.. why on earth would you want to eat a salmon skin? That is exactly what I was thinking originally.  The health benefits of salmon has been known for centuries actually.  Salmon is full of collagen which is great for your joints, bones, skin, nails and hair.  It is full of omega-3’s great for brain function.  Their unsaturated fatty acids help reduce heart disease and strokes.  The chips are dried and crisped perfectly using only organic and non-GMO ingredients.  I actually couldn’t believe how good they were (we tried all four varieties and you wont believe it but the chili lime is actual perfection).  Check them out!