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Need a last minute gift for the holidays? Or even a cute all purpose tote to toss your gift in? I am loving these great bags from “Built NY”.  Their “City Tote” is quite possible the greatest all purpose bag; its crazy durable and the perfect size (approximately 12 inches wide by 24 inches long).  As always, these bags are made from neoprene which is wetsuit material.  You will love how lightweight it is while being super quality to hold all of your personal belongings.  “City Tote” also has an inner pouch for VIP items like your keys.  Here is the best part: as a busy momma this bag is completely washable so no worries about the juice box that went flying across the table!  This tote is $39.99 and comes in really cute patterns (I have lush flower and I LOVE it): http://www.builtny.com/black/city-tote/M5157664.html?dwvar_M5157664_color=GRAN#start=8.

Really great for holiday wine giving is Built NY’s adorable “Two Bottle Tote”.  Now this is the perfect quality wine tote; super strong handle, holds two bottles of vino, totally machine washable and of course insulated to keep your bottles at the perfect temperature.  This tote is expertly priced around $17.99; http://www.builtny.com/black/city-tote/M5157664.html?dwvar_M5157664_color=GRAN#start=8.  You simply have to grab these items and cross people off your shopping list!  These bags are forever super fashionable and forever super functional!

built NY two bottle

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