Skylanders Superchargers

Prepare to be “supercharged” this holiday season with the latest installment from Activision’s Skylander’s with Skylanders Superchargers.  My son has been a fan of the Skylander’s crew since their beginning days of “Spyro’s Adventure’s” and I enjoy watching him grow with the series.  The Skyland’s are in ultimate peril: the evin Kaos has unveiled his “doomstation of ultimate doomstruction” and now the land, sky and sea may collapse.  A special team of “Skylander Superchargers” have been unleashed to stop Kaos by combining your favorite Skylanders with powerful vehicles!  They will be unstoppable with their new “Portal Of Power” that as usual comes to live action when you place the Skylander of choice upon it.  New and awesome features my son is THRILLED about include online multiplayer race and co-op modes.  What a rush it is to take on Kao’s and crew with your very own friends! The new combat racing is so much fun you will be grabbing the controller’s from the kiddies!   The starter pack (around $75.00) comes with the game, the new, advanced portal, super shot stealth elf, spitfire and hot streak vehicle.  Of course other characters/vehicles of all elements are sold separately to keep the battle going strong; good news: you can use your already existing Skylander characters in this game via land, sky and sea!  There are 40+ new characters available (20 vehicle/20 Skylanders) in total so plenty of holiday shopping options for your favorite gamer!  The series is rated good for 10+ (cartoon violence and comic mischief); I think it is a great teacher of the elements; I know my son will love the action on this new game even more than the games of the past!  For more information please visit  The starter pack is available for Xbox One, PS4, WiiU, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, PS 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 2DS.

Also please check out these great holiday videos!

Official Skylanders SuperChargers: Christmas Carol:

Official Skylanders SuperChargers: Let’s SuperCharge Santa’s Sleigh!:

skylander supercharger

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