Bump phone charger


Bump is the latest in portable phone chargers. Its design is not just fashionable, it’s also ergonomic and smaller in size. I like the fact that it’s not too big or bulky. When I’m documenting events, whether it’s taking pictures, using the voice recorder, or typing notes on my phone, it’s essential that it remain charged. However, when I’m doing a lot of walking around, I want as little baggage as possible. That’s what makes the Bump so great. It fits right in my pocket. If need be, I can find an outlet to plug it into, but if it’s fully charged (all four lights on), it will give my phone enough power to last all day. The other thing I like about the Bump is that is automatically registers when the phone is connected and will begin charging. Once the phone battery is at full capacity, it turns itself off. That means I don’t have to worry about the Bump’s charge going dead because I forgot to turn it off. Color, shape, size, and function make the Bump a worthy investment. I think I’ll get one for each member of the family. That way I don’t have to worry whether or not my children can get in touch with me.

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