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Sometimes after my typical stressful day of work, kids, carpools, homework and more I need an awesome stress release like a good book, a great show on television and now for me the art of knitting!  I’ve always wanted to try this craft out and finally with my blogging of products to you guys, I was finally awarded the opportunity!  James Cox Knits are great kits that are available for any skill level (so thrilled that even beginners like me have a chance at being creative genius)!  They offer Sweater Kits, Tie Kits, Sock Kits and Accessory Kits.  These are classic patterns with amazing details that combine “homemade” with fashion forward!  I received the Warren Two-Tone Tie which costs around $35.00 (ties range from $35-50).  The kit comes with the yarn you need as well as really clear directions and online instructional videos to help you along the way.  Owner James Cox is super inspirational, having learned to knit from his mother and who knits each day.  Make sure as you go along you take advantage of their “knitting tips” on the website (http://jamescoxknits.com/).  Once you master the beginner patterns, they also offer sweater kit options sure to be awesome to create!

I am well on my way to fantastic tie for the hubby for the holidays.  The company is offering their campaign of The Twelve Weeks Of Christmas, where they offer a pattern a week from complex (you better start now) to beginner (stocking stuffers)!  Oh and really hope to get to try out their upcoming boys line too!





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