Moulin Roty Toys

For the upcoming holidays I was on the hunt for something super creative for my child that isn’t the same boring “over sought” item I hear her talking about day after day.  I love how my blogging gig placed a super creative toy in my hands; and I am thrilled to share it with all of you.  Moulin Roty toys are designed in France, are super quality and encourage creativity!  100% speaking my language!  I am loving the companies Televison Box “superhero” themed puppet theatre box.  The set comes with three different backdrops (skyscraper, forest, city roof tops) and also comes with three shadow puppets.  I love this style of fun that is true imagination without the tablets or video games.  The perfect complement is their “Les Heros” shadow puppet set which includes over 10 different shadow puppets so that your child can put on the greatest show of all time!  We laughed for hours and not one time did either of my children ask me where their headsets were.  The theatre box will cost you around $30 and the extra puppet sets around $20.  This is a super affordable gift option!  The company offers so many great products for babies and children; please check them out:



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