Bundle Organics Prenatal Juices

Last weekend it was humid, sticky, maybe not so “hot” but super soupy.  We were at a holiday BBQ and I was just starting to feel bad for myself and my choice of black tops when I looked over at my niece who is expecting in 2 months.  She looked like “stick a fork in her’ she’s done”.  The next day I received these great juice drinks from the fabulous people at Bundle Organics and I drove them right on over to her.

Bundle Organics are a super healthy, super organic, pasteurized blend of fruits, veggies and essential vitamins.  They will leave you feeling invigorated, hydrated and ready to keep on trucking especially on these humid days.  We sat down and taste tested them of course.  The first was “kale, apple, lemon, ginger”.  I couldn’t believe how refreshing and sweet it was.  Kale carries more protein than beef actually, apples have one billion healthy reasons to eat them and the ginger helps with the baby nausea drama.  Next up was “orange,carrot, berry, ginger”.  A surprisingly delicious glass of potassium, beta-carotene and immunity boosting goodness.  I really liked it.  Finally we sampled “dark berries and ginger”: my fave of the three.  I could drink this every day to be honest and I probably will with all the health and immune system benefits of the berries, kale and spinach.  My niece and I liked all three; she even went online and ordered herself some juice delivery (who says you shouldn’t pamper yourself).  You actually save money by buying a “juice bundle” and you get 15% off for referring a friend.  For more information and to purchase this mighty powerful, mighty fine juice please visit bundleorganics.com.  They can also be purchased at “babies r us” and “buy buy baby”.

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