Sotah Hair Products

Hairstylist to the stars for 20 years Janet Zeitoun brings us a superior line of hair products that carefully cater to all hair types.  Zeitoun is most famous for working with Michael and Janet Jackson, Natalie Cole and her work has been featured in countless magazines.  SOTAH, (state of the art hair) carries the same message that Zeitoun brings to each of her hair style creations: a good style tells a story.  These products will have you looking your best in no time.  I have been trying out the lines “conditioning shampoo” for a week now and I must say my hair is thanking me.  After a long day with work and the kids its like a spa visit every time I shower.  The shampoo brings hydration back to my hair and leaves it really silky and smooth.  It is sulfate free making it a perfectly safe choice for those who keratin treat their hair.  Wait until you see how shiny your tresses are!

Additional available products are the “moisture boost” conditioner and the “oil/creme” therapy.  The goal overall is hydration and life back to your hair.  These are color treatment safe as well.  Please visit for more information and to purchase this superior line of products.  They range in price from $34.00-$36.00.  The company’s blog keeps you up to date with the latest in hair fashion.  Make sure you provide your email address to become a “sotah insider” and receive special offers and information.

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