Neposmart IoT Camera With Built In Garage Controller

We all fill our summer to the maximum; each day from beginning to end is planned with fun family activities.  We all plan more than one weekend or week-long getaway.  I’m very happy we have our Intelligent Garage Controller Home Business Monitor by Neposmart when we aren’t at home.  I can’t believe we every functioned in my house without Neposmart.  This is seriously the coolest thing ever; we never have to worry again what is going on inside our home while we are out.  Did I leave the garage open? No worries with just a click of my finger on the app and its closed and I can enjoy the rest of my day with the family. I put this fantastic camera system to the test this week while the hubby was home with the kids and I was at work.  It was hilarious to be able to see what mischief everyone was up to and to even be able to use audio technology to tell them “mommy’s heading home clean that up!” This is my new best friend I tell you.  I plan on this being the best way to check in on my elder and ailing pet as well.  Sometimes I worry about her during the workday and now seeing what she is up to is as easy as checking out my neposmart app.  You control the camera and your garage with your voice.  You can view up to 4 videos at the same time with your iPhone or Android device.  The camera can be rotated 340 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical and can be set up to 16 different ways.  And these aren’t even my favorite features.  In the world of identity worry we live in you will be thrilled as I was to know that you can store all camera data direct to your own SD card, server, device or even Dropbox!  There is NO SUBSCRIPTION! NO FEES! Only you know where your data is.  In addition, I receive instant notifications direct to my phone; “garage door is open”, garage door is closed”, etc; I always know what is happening in my home even in pitch black darkness.  The whole system can be connected with ethernet or wi-fi making it super adaptable and super easy to have 1-2-3 protection.  I can now enjoy my summer with ease.  For more information and to purchase this wonderful “peace of mind” system please visit  For a simple $199.00 you have yourself state of the art, subscription free monitoring day and night.  Oh; and I found the website’s video tutorials a savior in getting me all set up!

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