Buy it Once List: People Who bought things for life

We are no longer buying things for life. It used to be we would buy it once and it would last, now we buy cell phones every year.  I miss the days of buying it for life and it turns out that there’s an entire culture of people who just buy things for life.

Why do we need such a disposable culture? Can’t we just buy one thing and keep it for life?

I’ve compiled a list of people who’ve bought things for life and think it’s something that’s a bit inspiring.


1) This scrabble board is still good! Why wouldn’t it be? In fact, I think this old 1976 style is cooler than modern version!

1976 Scrabble board with raised grid-lines and rotating base. Still has all the pieces! from BuyItForLife

2) Okay, this guy REALLY bought it for life, or rather his great-great-great grandfather did!

Oak chest. Storing family shit since 1682. Lock still working. from BuyItForLife

3) Look at this cool red colors. You can’t even buy this anymore!

Recently restored this old girl. A 1990 something Weber Genesis 3000. Made in the USA. from BuyItForLife

4) Okay, you have one of the coolest cars around! Can you get a Tesla engine in there?

My 1928 Ford Model A — It was my dad’s before he died and I’ve been keeping it running for him since. I will pass it down to my son someday. from BuyItForLife

5) I love the idea of this bookbag. Goes to show you what good leather does.

Oxford bookbag from 1880 or so. My grandpa got it used when he started high school in 1951. It has since been used and enjoyed by my mom, uncle, aunt and myself and is still durable. from BuyItForLife

6) Oh my goodness! I remember this!

The pencil sharpener in our graduate lounge from the 80’s from BuyItForLife

7) I think my grandma used to hit me with this!

The only thing that survived my great grandma’s house fire in the 1920’s is still used regularly in my parents’ kitchen. from BuyItForLife

8)  I think this car is paid off!

Just hit 400,000 mile on my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. Still runs perfect. from BuyItForLife

9) I think this is one of the coolest watches I’ve ever seen!

1916 Elgin trench watch from BuyItForLife

10) This is such a classic and timeless look!

My buddy’s grandpa gave him his old mint condition Casio A158W, and he gave it to me for free because he’d rather wear his Apple Watch. from BuyItForLife