Hippy Feet

Ok; so just because of COVID and the boredom that is pretty much every weekend now I am in holiday shopping mode here.  I figure, get all the work done now for like the first time in my life.  I love me a stocking stuffer or an add-on gift.  I am LOVING these great socks we are trying out here in my house and quite honestly I actually insist you all buy a pair right now!

Hippy Feet – this amazing company offers transitional employment to young people ages 16-24 that are experiencing homelessness.  These young people can work in packaging, screen printing and embroidery.  In fact, as of July 2020 this company gave 1900 hours of employment to young people in need!

Ok; now back to products – these socks are super soft and comfy.  The colors/patterns are simply awesome to be honest. They are a cotton/nylon/elastic combo and my favorite part about them is they do NOT bunch up like 10 minutes after you put them on like so many other socks out there.  These socks legit stay exactly how you put them on for the entire day.  We tested it; what I am saying is true.  They offer quarter crew size socks for about $14 and regular size socks for about $18.

You guys I ask that you consider this company for your gift giving needs.  How great to buy awesome socks and then help out someone in need all at the same time.