Buying Leather Bags straight from Italy

It had to be about 20 years ago that I remember walking through the streets of Florence shopping for an Italian leather jacket. It was something I knew growing up:  you need to buy your leather from Italy and that only the best leather products come straight from Italy.


I remember a friend of mine even telling me they would fly to Italy to do all of their shopping and fly back but then again the number of items she bought it probably was worth it to buy that plane ticket to fly to Italy. I don’t have such a budget to consider $1000 to fly to Italy. That is definitely not on my radar.


What’s interesting to me about Domini leather is that it really does come straight from Italy. What you’re looking at in particular is the Isabella, which is a lady leather Crossbody shoulder bag. It’s a beautiful messenger bag and at the price point it out to me is quite a good deal because it’s especially saving me the flight cost to get to Italy. It’s exceptionally well built and I even like how it has it that classic style throughout.


Yes, I would probably prefer to fly to Italy to buy a bag like this but in all reality as a working mom I don’t think I could even schedule the time let alone the budget. This affords me the ability to buy the bags I want straight for me to leave without any headache or jet lag.