Earth Baby Essential Bath Gift Set

 What is a great gift for a new parent?

The Earth Baby Bath Essential bath gift set is perfect for the new parents and their baby.  My friend just had baby and I saw this set and thought I would have loved this as a new parent.

Having bath products that do not make the baby cry when it gets into their eyes and is gentle on their skin is what every parent wants.

As parents, we are constantly trying to be the best parent however we never did it before.   We want our child be safe and use safe products.  When I was a new mom I had a baby bath sling that kept my baby safe and that was one of my favorite products.  It was like a little baby hammock that fit in the bath tub so the baby didn’t slide around while you were washing him.   We wanted the bath time routine to be effective and fun.  We wanted a happy baby.  Happy baby meant happy parents.

Earth Baby represents the next generation in efficacy and safety.  It combines natural and certified organic ingredients with thoughtfully crafted formulation and award-winning OleoSphere technology. Earth Baby naturally delivers calming, nourishing, cleansing and protecting benefits to baby’s delicate hair and sensitive skin.  It helps parents feel confident that the products are safe, pure and highly effective.

This is why I love Earth Baby products.  They care about the baby.  It’s personal.    Earth Baby was curated out of a grandmother’s love for her grandchild.   Florence Nacino, founder of Earth Baby, has over 40+ years of global experience working as a health and beauty formulation researcher, chemist and regulatory specialist for leading worldwide brands.

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