By The Dutch Spirits

by-the-dutch-1I always enjoy testing out a new weekend adult beverage.  Perhaps something a little “different from everything else we see at every party.  Maybe even something that can spoil me after a tough week at the office.  By The Dutch spirit selections are making me feel like royalty and the quality is literally second to none!  The hubby and I put the kids to bed and tried out two of their varieties.  First we mixed a cocktail with their “Batavia Arrack”, which is aged up to 8 years on oak.  “Arrack” was stored and shipped to Amsterdam and is fermented from molasses, water and red rice.  You can tell this was made using an amazingly intricate process; I simply smelled it and the scent was so rich and amazing that I had to try it.  Flavor is super rich and totally unlike any other I have tried in the past.  Next up we sampled “Old Genever”.  She has an amazing aroma (love me some anise; and the combo with cloves and other spices is just over the top amazingness for me).  I recommend pairing this with maybe a cheese platter or even sushi!  This one I made into a traditional “adult beverage and coke” and I was totally thrilled with the quality.  This recipe is fascinating actually: rye/corn/barley distilled and then infused with botanical and spices.  A completely appropriate Thanksgiving treat!

Fantastic company and fantastic quality; please check them out:



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