Kachaca! Review


Who wants a new cool adult spirit to add to their bar? Even though school is starting, we still have the nice weather here to pack in a few more BBQs with family and friends. What is Kachaca? I am going to tell you.  This is America’s take on a Brazilian favorite called “cachaca.”  This female-owned spirit company produces authentic cachaca.

It is a Rum Style Spirit. You can mix it into an array of your cocktail favorites.  But it is NOT Rum.  Rum is made with molasses, and Cachaca is made from fresh pressed sugar can juice.  This means it is lighter and has this awesome floral and fruity flavoring.  This is the perfect light spirit that you will find is a must on your bar.

It is very smooth, I want to mention, and can be also drunk easily on the rocks, if that is your thing.   What we did this past weekend was make our own “Mules” and they were literally perfection.  Actually, you will also want to try out a Caipirinha, which is just lime, sugar, and Cachaca.  You will literally wonder where this cocktail has been your entire life.

Check Kachaca out for yourself!  We are so glad we did!