Calicle Ice Cream Bowls Perfect for National Ice Cream Day

image of Calicle ice cream bowl with ice cream for National Ice Cream Day post

It is a hot one out there today.  I just spent 5 hours on a lacrosse field and I am burned to a crisp! After a nice cold shower (LOL), I wanted a summer treat and my go-to is always ice cream.   After all, it is ice cream season! July is National Ice Cream Month (July 17th National Ice Cream Day) and this house is more than ready with the amazing insulated bowls from Calicle.  Actually, the bowls are triple insulated so you are enjoying every bite without the pesky melting.  Just enjoy your delicious dessert at your own, sweet speed.

Here is the deal with the bowls.  They are 12-ounce, stainless steel insulated bowls.  They can keep hot or cold foods at the perfect temperature for a long time (200 times more than other bowls out there).  The bowls come with great lids in case you are on the go like I always am.  For the kiddies, the silicone base on them ensures an easy grip and limits spillage.  You get them in a great set of two for $48.00.   Color options are sets in pink/blue or white/black. Also available on Amazon.

I dare you to “scoop” some Calicle insulated bowls up for yourself and put them to the test!  You will love them!





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