Cambodia Knits, Your Must-Have for Christmas Presents

Cambodia Knits Little Ladybugs

Christmas will be here before you know it! And I am on the hunt for gifts to give my children, nephews and nieces, and the kids of my friends. But, I do not want to give just anything! I am always looking for toys that I feel good about. Toys that are high quality, ethically produced, and something to stimulate the imagination of the children. This year, I will be giving some of the awesome toys of Cambodia Knits!

Cambodia Knits is a social enterprise that works with marginalized communities in and near Phnom Penh (Cambodia). Not only are the toys beautiful, but also and most importantly, they are hand-made and provide fair and flexible employment opportunities to the women of Cambodia. By giving them the opportunity to sell their handicraft, these strong women break the intergenerational cycles of poverty. They can now invest their incomes into the health, education, and futures of their families! So, I feel good buying the toys from Cambodia Knits.

But let’s be honest, often “fair and handcrafted” goods are just a bit less nice than those in regular stores. Not with Cambodia Knits! Their quality is really high! Just look at the Little Ladybugs featured in the picture. This Montessori matching game is just great! High quality, it will last a long time! The mother ladybug has 12 baby ladybugs in her. These can be used for matching colors, learning numeracy, sorting, and moreAnd everything is machine washable! You get a 100% cotton bag for easy storage with it! This Little Ladybugs toy can be ordered for $49 on Beebee and Bongo, or for $55 on ModiMade.

But this is just one example of what Cambodia Knits has to offer! Featuring Cambodian animals, and Khmer Heritage toys, Cambodia Knits keeps on offering new toys every season. Be sure to check them out soon and often!