Can we Please Wear Masks in Pharmacies

In New York, Masks are not required in pharmacies, and I feel like that is now becoming more of a thing across the country. I would really like to make a motion that we continue wearing our masks and pharmacies.

I appreciate the fact that we are all exhausted with wearing masks, and I appreciate the fact that at this  time is has become a political motion of freedom. Some viewed as an infringement of their freedom to be asked to wear masks.

So here is my crazy and my crazy and radical theory, and my crazy and radical reasoning. Generally speaking people go to pharmacies when they’re sick. If they are not sick it’s usually because they’re going because their wives ask them to pick up something because they’re sick. And I’m sure sometimes you go to the pharmacy when you’re not sick but by nature of odds sickness is probably involved a rather good percentage of the time.

I am not talking about Covid at this point but whatever the hell the person has I don’t want to catch it. There is simply too much annoying stuff in the world thatdon’t want to catch and for the seven minutes that I’m in a CVS and go in and go out, I have no real issues about wearing a mask if everyone will please help along. I know a lot of you people that I have been speaking about are dirty bastards.

We come from an era where we were touching each other’s food and we were basically being a little ridiculous and careless in terms of germs. Sure a little bit of germs is a good thing, but we kind of got a little crazy.

If your logic is that is in some form of hindrance for we are some or just annoying, I am not asking for you to wear your mask all the time. But the doctors and pharmacies I think it should still be a thing.

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