Munch Addict

Ok…I admit it I am a snacker.  I try not too; but I can’t help it sometimes.  And I always enjoy trying something new.  I was so excited to get to try out the monthly subscription snack boxes from Munch Addict this week.  These are snacks from around the world delivered right to your doorstep.  If you are tired of the same boring snacks this is an absolute MUST for you!  Also a great gift for college students, parents and more!  All you have to do is pick your box size (5,10,15 or 60 snacks), add in upgrades like drinks and then the box just comes to you like magic.  Depending on how many items and how frequently you have boxes delivered, prices range from about $12.42-$100.00.

My box arrived with some really amazing goodies.  I got some really awesome variety here.  From the United Kingdom Cadbury Twirl bar, Timeout Waferbar and this amazing Dairy Milk Marvelous Creations bar.  This last one had this crazy popping candy inside which was crazy good.  From China, I received Popping Candy Lychee (rock candy) and Cheetos in American Turkey flavor (these were interesting).  From the Philippines, Regent Cheese Ring chips, and Boybawang Adobo corn puffs.  From Turkey, this very yummy Simsek Gofret (crispy chocolate covered wafers) and Eti Pistachio Chocolate.  From Indonesia, one of my son’s favorites Taronet BBQ Flavor chips, Deka Wafer Peanut Butter (crispy wafer rolls),  and Usagi Puff (caramel wheat puffs).  From Korea, the Jolly Pong puffed snack (very good), from Japan Shittori Choco Cookies (soft cookie with chocolate filling – my daughter LOVED this) and Torres Iberico Ham (interesting ham flavored chips from Spain).  I’m not going to lie, my favorite part was the Crush Cream Soda Mousse soda from Canada.  Boy was that delicious.

This cannot be easier.  You pick how many cool snacks you want, how often you receive it and get ready for some serious snacking!