Great STEAM Summer Projects

Summer is starting and while we want to have fun we also want to keep the kids engaged with learning.

Here are two great items you will want to consider for STEAM projects this summer!

Sphero RVR: this is your most perfect gift ever for ages 8 and up.  Think hackers, makers and coders all in one.  I have a big video gamer here on my hands and this was a no brainer for my house.  You literally can customize it to build the “robot of your dreams”.  Quite simply this is a car.  You are building it’s speed, the motor and the treads.  you can connect to third party hardware and change its look/feel/existence.  Then the game aspect starts; you are the creator and make it your own!  It connects easily to your smartphone, tablet or computer.  I couldn’t believe how advanced you can take it making the age barrier expand before your very eyes!  It may be a little expensive but it is completely worth it when you know you are getting a product that is fun plus learning all in one.

Geomag Supercolor Classic Magnetic Building Set: this is really an erector set x 10.  You are talking imaginative construction with no limits.  This is made from 100% recycled plastics and you can look at it with a fresh head each day.  The box includes sticks, panels and balls.  Our kids are learning about STEAM products as part of their curriculum now and this product fits in perfectly.  The box potentially contains lessons in magnetism, geometry, gravity and engineering.  It is very well made and can be used over and over again and passed on from child to child.  It is easily up for grabs at Target for just under $40.00.

Get your early bird shopping on now!  These are two amazing items!