Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex is a tried and true lip balm producer for somewhere around 80 years now.  When I was asked to try out their new Comfort Care Lip Balm I was more than enthusiastic.  Each of their products have wowed me in the past and I was eager to give this one a try as well.  These lip balms are in new, wider packaging and contain colloidal oatmeal and cold pressed fruit.  I have to tell you; these new ingredients really add to how long my lips feel soft and smooth as well as super hydrated.  This truly is all day comfort from the cold. I should also say that without a doubt this is truly one great smelling lip balm. I am psyched to already have this “secret weapon” for when it gets really cold outside.  I tried out both “mixed berry” and “sugar-plum” and both flavors are awesome!  I also have their classic lip balm on hand as well; both cherry and original are the perfect blend to keep everyone in the family safe from the irritation of chapped lips.  It must be all the lanolin and cocoa seed oil soothing our skin.  They only cost around $2 so this is perfectly affordable for everyone.

Carmex also has Cold Sore Treatment on hand for anyone plagued by these embarrassing sores (usually brought on from winter germs and stress).  If you apply their treatment at the first sign of an outbreak, the product actually blocks pain and itch.  This you would apply around 3 times a day and it will cost you about $15.  (

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