Pathwater – Has An Awesome New Bottles

Who out there is looking for a great bottle of water that doesn’t involve all the single use plastics?!?  Studies show that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than actual fish.  The average person consumes about 170 bottles of water a year and this means we have to make changes to how we are consuming water and beverages in general!

I am loving the newest design of Pathwater’s bottles; since 2015 they are made to be refilled.  I have one on my desk at the office that I continually reuse.  They are refillable, recyclable, eco-friendly and made in our amazing USA!  The bottle stays cold for quite some time too!  They offer 3 great options: purified water, sparkling water and alkaline water.  All options are expertly pH balanced (7.5-9.5) and they all come with added electrolytes!

I also want to mention that this bottle gets tossed around in my car, my work tote (the kids drop it LOL) and it really withstands the test of time!  In this germy, scary world we live in I am thrilled to have another great water option that has extra added benefits!  Also the sparkling option is really unique you will love it!

Check them out!