Lavley Says It For You!

Sometimes after a long, hard day at work I don’t have much energy left to say the “little things”.  Like maybe I want someone to serve me something for a change? Maybe a snack, or my favorite food or drink?!?

Check out these fabulous socks we are loving from Lavley; this company brings you awesome socks and other novelty items that allow us to express ourselves in a fun, light, playful manner.  Are you a whiskey lover? Yup…they have a pair of socks for you.  How about donuts? Yup. Beer, tea, tacos – you name it a fun expressive sock to cover what makes you smile.  These are all great gifts for any age – think holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation and so much more!  I love the bright colors and designs; they are kind of a conversation piece all on their own.

For Mother’s Day they offer this great array of your faves (Wine, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate).  Each pair is about $10 so no worries about breaking the bank for something cute and whimsy.  I think my personal favorites are their “If You Can Read This…Socks”.  These are a great add-on for any creative gift that tailors to the receivers personal preferences!

Check them out!  Super great quality and just so adorable!