Celestial Tea Well

Celestial Seasonings is a company we have spoken about before.  So many great herbal tea options and such awesome quality.  I am now checking some of their “Tea Well” options that I think can help you guys too!

Teawell Organic Gut Health this has prebiotics, probiotics and fiber.  I love the flavor (cinnamon oat) and it certainly is helping me with the bloating us women have to deal with each month.  If you have trouble unwinding or sleeping at the end of a long, stressful day you may want to check out their Teawell Sleep Tea.  This chamomile mint option (so delicious) has melatonin in the mix to support relaxation.  I love how all the herbs and botanicals together support both your body and your mind.

I am not sure if this is a topic you wish to discuss or admit you struggle with; but over here we sometimes as adults suffer from constipation and regularity issues.  Teawell Laxative contains senna leaves which are totally doing the trick.  My hubby recommends sipping a cup in the morning.  The flavor is carob licorice and totally perfect.  And for people like me who need a mood boost (lately more than usual), their Teawell Mood Tonic is amazing!  This contains lemongrass, ginseng and peppermint.  I love this at work during the “mid day slump”.  The organic mint flavor is so freshing!  There are other great wellness tea options in this line up that you should all check out as well!  They are really onto something with these products.

Also noteworthy from CS and perfect for your summer is their Cold Brew Ice Teas.  These brew quickly and easily in cold water within minutes.  They offer caffeinated and caffeine free options so perfect for everyone.  I love their red/white/blueberry flavor, but also great are sweet tea, black tea, half and half (YUM) and citrus sunrise.  These are great to pop in your tote or beach bag and you will always have a delicious drink right at your fingertips!