Shades By Shan Cosmetics

This girl is always on the hunt for a new and exciting cosmetics item.  I legit have a huge drawer and I love trying it all on and changing it up quite a bit.  We are completely adoring the amazing line of quality cosmetic items from Shades By Shan.

This is a huge array of wonderful colors of eyeshadows, lip sets, highlighters and more!

My personal favorite item from the line is the SBS X MBY 9 Pan Neutral Edition Eyeshadow Palette. ($36).  The colors are to die for! This is a great collection to have for everyday use.  I kind of play around and mix “dreamer” and “mami”.  Sometimes if I’m feeling wild I add in “Hexed” for a shimmer/sparkle affect.  The colors are so rich and perfect that you hardly use any at all for all day color coverage.

In the world of lips…oh my will you love these products.  I have LUNA Matte Lip Set ($24) and couldn’t be happier.  This is very neutral so perfect if you want a little color but you aren’t a big “look at my lips” kind of gal.  You get liner and liquid lipstick and it will last all day!  I want to mention that the liner is so super creamy it just easily glides on!

Now the Loose Setting Powder ($30) might be the item that I’ve been missing all my life.  This is a shimmery powder that gives you the perfect summer glow!  So easy to use with my big setting brush.  If you are heading to the beach you can actually use alongside your lotion for a super awesome glow!  Two color options (I adore translucent glow on my really sensitive and light hued skin tone).

One more item I want to mention: their Blush Palette ($34).  This is a combo of both shimmer and matte shades that work for warm and cool tone concepts.  This is full, creamy all day color.  I recommend mixing apricot and peach for an amazing look!

Check them out!