Great Toiletry Items

So the World is finally opening back up and I am super thrilled.  We have planned a few great family weekend getaways so far this summer and I have already started the packing/planning involved.  Toiletries are super important; we know we all need the essentials and it is very annoying when we forget one of them.  I pack individual bags for each member of my family along with some extras “just because”.  Check out a few awesome items I am loving for my family below:

Doctor Plotka’s Toothbrushes: these brushes are invented by a dentist.  They actually have naturally antimicrobial flossing bristles that are infused with silver to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses on your toothbrush.  Are you actually kidding me with that awesomeness?!?  The way the brushes are layered actually allows for them to floss our teeth as we brush (it breaks up plaque and reaches spots other brushes could never reach).  Both adult and youth brushes are available and come in awesome color options so everyone in your home has a different assigned color.  I actually feel my teeth are much deeper cleaned like dentist visit level.  The brush sort of cleans itself within 6 hours so you brush at night and then by morning any bacteria is already gone!  

Humble Deodorant:  this deodorant will change your life.  It is made with only the simplest ingredients and free of aluminum, talc and parabens.  This is totally appropriate for both men and women.  We have been sampling a few of their awesome scents this month and couldn’t be happier.  My personal favorite is their Mountain Lavender.  This is calming meets good vibes and is totally perfect for a busy workday.  It contains only high quality essential oils, beeswax, coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch.  The cost for one is about $10 (price goes down the more you purchase) and honestly for peace of mind I am thrilled to spend a few extra dollars.  Next up in my routine will be their Palo Santo & Frankincense (same great ingredients and perfect for fall).  My daughter is LOVING the sweet scent of Moroccan Rose and the hubby Star Anise & Palmarosa (perfect mix of patchouli and balsam).  You will pretty much never need another “store brand” again.

Check out these great toiletry options!