Healthier Meals and Snacks for Mom

This mom has to keep herself a bit healthy during covid too.    One of the ideas I’m looking for is something to keep myself healthy and alternatives to what I’d normally eat but with a healthier edge.

So without further adu, here’s my list of top healthy meals and snacks for mom that I’ve recently discovered.


The Noodelist makes life awesome because it takes the Ramen noodle styles you grew up with and makes them better. I love the fact that these are not the traditional mixes you had in college, but healthy and high-end. They have a vegan chicken version, and as you can see from the photo they just look of a higher quality than you might remember buying in the dollar store back in the university days.








Quorn is go to eating for a vegetarian bite. I love the buffalo dip or is that you see here because they really do taste pretty similar to the buffalo wings I had before I went vegetarian. I also love the fact is the kind of meal you can just throw in the toaster oven and be done.









Did you ever think to yourself? What if fruit and candy had a child? This is the result. The box looks almost like those chocolate boxes that you never know what you’re going to get as you open them, but are pieces of fruits taken to the next level. They are basically a sweet for the kids but slightly healthier.









Dr. Sebi


Dr. Sebi makes various herbal products. Without going too crazy on things, the tea blends are right up my alley. I love a bit of chamomile at night, and this is probably one of the most authentic blends that I’ve seen. Real ingredients and real quality.








Power life by Tony Horton
This is the guy who made the P90X, and now he’s back with protein powders. What do you see here is not just the protein, but he also has mixers which focus on digestion. Sometimes when I’m running around, I like the idea of a powder and it is pretty much a light meal that’s super easy on the stomach.








A sparkling drink which helps you burn fat. If you’re looking to lose a little weight and you want an ice drink for the middle of the day, this might be an option for you. These taste great and I do love the sparkling drinks. I can’t confirm or deny the weight loss but I have been losing weight even though I’ve been trying all the snacks.








Bare Organics


Bare Organics makes drink mixes which at least make water taste much better. All too often I find during the day I’m struggling to find something healthy to drink and I don’t want to just have another Gatorade or sugar water, so this is a really nice alternative. Pour the mix into water, and then poof! You have some thing much healthier.








Otamot Pasta Sauce

Pasta sauce is such a standard in our Italian-American house I love this alternative which sneaks in the veggies. They all taste like pasta sauce usually does but mix in a nice amount of veggies. And before you say Tomato is a veggie… it’s a fruit!







AppleGate Farms
Applegate makes healthy meats but I do love the fact that they are now pushing the no-antibiotics ever. In Covid times I’m trying to keep my kids as healthy as possible. I love the idea of making a traditional sandwich with at least a healthier version of the ingredients.






Dreams Aren’t This Good

Okay, is this salsa? Is this a lifestyle brand? Is it both? Well salsa is an extremely healthy option in the world and this comes with the entire emotional impact of a lifestyle brand. I love the idea of them having an entire movement and they even have this feature to text the brand right away so “poof” you get a reply immediately. It’s really an interesting take.








Better Body Foods

With a company name like this, we could see why I’ve included them in the list. I love these peanut butter powders because they really had a nice burst of protein into any shake. For mom on the go the shakes are very good snack.









Jali Fruit

This isn’t your grandmother’s fruit leather. This is direct from the source, real fruit and real quality. The jackfruit, for example, is harvested from women led cooperatives using modern tech with old school, tried and true techniques. This isn’t some mass produced craziness but the real deal.