Children at the Protests: Good or Bad?

Okay, the protests are in full swing and as a Mom, I’m wondering how good or bad is having the children at the protests.  Now personally I think the point of the protest is to be a protest and not a riot. When it’s a protest, it can be a powerful tool. When it evolves to riot, it changes the point and evolves into something else.

But that said, to learn more I figured there’s no better place to turn than Twitter!  It actually was interesting to see how many children were at the protests.  In all of the shots below, children were at the protests but nobody got hurt. That’s extremely impressive and hopefully helpful.

I scoured Twitter and there were actually quite a few photos of children at the protests. I previously had a piece about the child who got maced. But I realized that in a way it paints the protests as all bad.

If you look at each of below I’m hopeful that two things come out of it.

First, it can be an education for children. We are hopefully building a new generation of children who are inspired by this. Maybe they will become social activists or even go into politics.

Secondly, maybe leaders themselves will catch on. Maybe they will look at this situation as not all riots but instead peaceful protests of all colors and all ages.


1) Looking below, maybe the children are learning something from this.

2) This Mom is leading the way.

3) This is a leader right here. Leading by example!

4) Educators are teaching their children by example.

5) What will be the reaction of the religious right to this?

6) I think I’ve heard of Ellen! 🙂

7) Peaceful protest is good.

8) That’s quite a good migration from armchair to activist.

9) Look at these signs!


What do you think?