NBA Going to Disney World: Twitter Reactions

The staff is divided among sports fans and not in terms of who likes the NBA portion of the story or the Disney part of the story. We all agree that it’s awesome for different reasons. It was just announced by NBA’s Board of Governors for a 22-team format down in world famous Walt Disney World.

The tweet below shows the announcement.

The Western Conference of the NBA will have 13 teams heading to Disney World and the Eastern Conference will have 9 teams heading over.  MarketWatch has a great in depth story on it.

I on the other hand have Twitter Memes!

1) Yes, players will take some re-adjusting to no groupies.

2) See now this isn’t fair. I love Disney too!

3) Wouldn’t this be funny if it was true!

4) Yeah now they’ll be like “I’m just going back into Quarantine!”

5) Yeah we did.

6) Ummm that’s every mom’s reaction.

7) This is going to be interesting how it plays out.

8) Wow, Disney wastes no time!

9) My kids crew up on this!

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