Drink Wholesome During This Quarantine

This quarantine has us eating and drinking….very badly.  Hey; we are doing what we can but it might be time to get our bodies back into the right direction.  I’m stocking up on fruits and veggies and trying to get everyone to take more vitamins and supplements.

Check out this new company I just received a sample from!  Drink Wholesome.  The owner who is super athletic came up with this recipe that is real nutrition and no junk.  This is an awesome non-dairy, no additive recovery drink that is actually really yummy.  So many of these protein powder drinks have these additives that make them taste so fake!  Not this one; I challenge you to not say it is delicious!  It is made from things like chickpeas, egg whites, coconut, oats, coffee, maple sugar, monk fruit and sea salt – but then nothing else.  No garbage or things you cannot pronounce.  I promise; I looked!  The husband complains that so many of these drink mixes bloat him.  You won’t have that issue here because it contains no dairy and you will see the difference the first time you have one.  Also; the energy we have for the remainder of the day is simply amazing!

Think for Father’s Day or even just a great addition to your new family exercise routine!  The yummy flavors include mocha and pb chocolate.  A bag of powder that generates over 20 servings will cost you about $38.50.  There is also a vegan option!

Check them out!