ChillaxBaby Daily Baby – Review

One of the first items on anyone’s baby registry is a baby monitor! The Daily Baby from Chillax is a great monitor that we were very happy to test out!

chillaxbaby daily baby

The camera has a slick design and comes with a monitor you can keep up to 1,200 ft away. The monitor has a 4.3″ colored screen with a 720p resolution. No detail will go unnoticed! But, if you are even further away, you can have remote access through an app on your phone. You can choose who can have access to the visuals of your camera with remote sharing permissions. So grandma, on the other side of the city, can see her grandchild sleep, as well! Or set up the camera in the playroom so dad can see his children while he is at work! At any time, you can accept or deny access to the video live feed. (Diaper-change privacy, right?)

No need to worry about cyber safety, since the system comes with bank-grade security. Nobody will be able to peek into your house with this system. You can even turn off the wifi connection with the click of a button. Just by adjusting the switch on the side, you can easily convert your baby monitor from a smart Wi-Fi baby monitor to a local non-connected monitor!

The camera features an auto-dimming LED light and infrared night vision! You can put it on a flat surface with its stand, or mount it to a wall. The camera also has a micro-SD card reader, you can add storage up to 32GB! With the motion-detected recordings, you will have plenty of beautiful videos of your little one in no time.

The Daily Baby camera measures the temperature in the room and can play nature sounds and lullabies to calm down your little one. The very sensitive microphone picks up the littlest of whimpers. You will be alerted before your baby goes into full-blown cry mode!

Connect Daily Baby to Alexa or Google Assistant, and have full control through their app. The app is even more awesome than you think! You can keep track of milestones on it as well! With just the press of a button on the screen or app, you can add feedings and diaper changes, so no info can get lost! You can get sleep analytics and keep a baby journal.

And you can plug both the Daily Baby monitor and camera into a power bank through their USB port, so you can bring Daily Baby with you on your holidays!

The Daily Baby baby monitor is a perfect addition to any baby register and a great gift for a baby shower! This baby monitor can be bought for $139.99 on the official website or on Amazon.