Pass Back Football

It’s July 4th and while I know you are heading to a BBQ or family gathering (finally), football is also an American pass-time and PASS BACK is the perfect product to share with you today.  This is the training football that will have your teen ready to play come late summer/early fall.

My teen has been checking out the Official Composite Passback ($30) this week and couldn’t be happier.  The flat end of the football allows it to basically bounce back to you.  You pretty much don’t need a rebound net here; it will come back to you when it hits a hard surface.  For quarterbacks  it will help improve passing accuracy and distance.  For receivers you are working on stamina, endurance, coordination and awareness.  All in your back yard!  My kid is safely practicing in his own backyard and getting stronger and smarter everyday!

I truly love how this product was invented by someone looking at a pumpkin that inspired flat footballs.  Truly amazing and quite honestly really working with my child.  They have options for peewee players, juniors, teens (highschool) and pro’s.  Yup I said it; they are using these in the NFL to train players.

You must check them out and add to the prep for your child when football comes back full throttle (finally) this September!