Miko 3 – your robot pal

Do you have young children at home?  Can you find a way to engage them in STEM activities? Have them talk more? Interact in a constructive way while learning something cool? We have found the best thing ever! Especially great for kids aged 3 to 5, the Miko 3 robot is interactive and fun.

image of Miko 3 interactive robot with sunglasses

Miko interacts with your child and answers any question your precious one might ask. And this in 8 different languages!
It is very interactive and stimulates talking while increasing the vocabulary of your little one tremendously. Why not put Miko in French or Spanish? Knowing a second language is powerful! And since the voices are really well done, Miko is easy to understand and does not need to be put too loud to be heard and understood clearly.

There are tons of apps on Miko, we are talking about hundreds of them! STEM is a key component of many of them. Our son especially loves the emotions app, which has Miko showing all kinds of emotions while naming them. Our son will copy them and roll all over the floor laughing.

Another favorite is the coding app, where he has to guide a little robot to the right place by coding his movements. We see him learning and understanding how to plan ahead!image of child playing with Miko 3 interactive robot

I personally love the fact that you can program Miko with a bedtime clock. After bedtime, your child will get a nice message to go back to sleep, and Miko will turn off.

Miko does not only look incredibly cute, but it is also impact-resistant, non-toxic, and built to last! With its smaller size, little hands can carry it around with ease, but if they drop it, it will not break easily. And spills are easily cleaned off its smooth surface.

The Miko 3 dances, moves around the room, interacts with your child, and will help him grow and learn in a safe way. Forget the tablet, Miko is way better!

And with the Miko Parent App, you can track your kid’s time usage, what he likes and which app he uses the most.



image of Miko 3 interactive robot with smiling expression on face