CJM Stables of Kauai, Hawaii

When visiting Kauai, there is a standard touristic pattern that seems to occur, which is broken down into boating, snorkeling, and possibly hiking. One of the reasons that make Kauai unique is its geographical diversity, and we were able to experience this with a trail ride. 


We went on a trail ride with Marti as our guide at CJM Stables which is a family-run multigenerational business in the south part of Kauai providing trail rides along the shore.

As we drove up to the stables, our brain tried to trick us into thinking we were in the American Southwest similar to New Mexico or Texas. The stables, horses, and picket fences ultimately gave us this feeling of immersion into the Old West. That said, the trail ride in itself takes you through various microclimates showing the biodiversity of Kauai.


The horses were beautifully maintained. The pet dogs had a great personality and joined the ride. Marti and the staff covered every area a beginner rider would need including an introductory safety video which was hysterical at times.


Marti took really good care of us in instructing we beginners on how to ride. She thought of everything, including saddlebags, to hold our water and cameras. She has a comfort with the horses, which of course keeps you safe on the trail as well as an incredibly diverse knowledge about what you are seeing. She also seems to change it to depending on the interest of the people, ranging from ecological to movie locations.

The ride was at least two hours long and included breathtaking views of the ocean as well as a variety of trees. Marti gave us some great information regarding the local beaches and plants. One of the highlights had to be crossing over the bay riding through the water. In front of us was the ocean, behind us in the forest.


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