Clifford Water and Magic Kits

Young Scientist Club Kits will make the perfect gift for a boy or girl this holiday season.  These kits are awardees of Parent’s Choice, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Creative Child and Mr. Dad.  Young Scientist Club has new kits for 2015 and our family tried out a few of them this weekend.  For ages 3 and up, “Clifford The Big Red Dog Water Science” kit will teach your little one about all things water but no need to grab a rain coat and galoshes!  You will learn about the water cycle, making rain, water magic, chromatography and more using test tubs and lab trays.  Such adorable experiments that are both fun to do and involve a true love of science learning!  Also available is “Clifford The Big Red Dog Magic Science” also for ages 3 +.  This kit had my kids laughing and laughing; great tricks like funny mirrors, a tornado in a bottle, magic glasses and even building a kaleidoscope.  Everything you need comes right in the box; Emily Elizabeth guides you in the manual.  I cannot wait to share these fun giftable kits for the youngsters on my list this year; for more information so you can as well please visit  Prices run around $19.99 per kit.  I want to mention these kits follow along with the STEM program your little ones are learning in school!

clifford water science

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