Alias Board Game

Winter and board games go hand in hand for me so receiving the “Alias” board game series to try out for our holiday guide couldn’t have come at a better time.  “Alias” is a great game perfect for players 11+ that provides you with the task of explaining over 3,200 words.  Here is what you do: simply pick a card on your turn and begin explaining the word to your teammates.  The more they correctly identify, the more you may advance on the game board.  No worries if you are intimidated: there is any array of difficulty levels but be aware that time is against you.  We had a great night trying to explain words like “parents”, “veranda”, “bird feeder” etc.

Also available is “Alias Junior” so the kids can have the same word explaining fun!  In this version, your kids will brilliantly expand their vocabulary through words and pictures.  My kids had such a blast trying so hard to “not say the word on the card” and it was fun to watch them laugh so much while learning.  In “Dice Alias” you are playing a fast paced scramble to match the letters on the dice to words on the board.  Someone rolls the dice in the center bowl of the game board.  The instant you see a 4+ letter word, shout “alias”  and you may begin the task of describing the word to your teammates.  You need to make it around the board to win the game.  In this version, category discs can change the direction of the game: you can double your points if you can come up with a word using the category as well as the dice you are dealt.  For more information on these games please visit  So many great options to choose from.  Great holiday gifts for families, friends, children; everyone on your shopping list!  I love how education the fun can be!

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