Clixo – A Great STEM/Building Toy For Your Child!

If you’re looking for something for your kids to do on a rainy day, or even something to get their minds thinking about something other than their smartphones/apps, Clixo is definitely something you may have interest in!  Clixo is origami meets blocks meets magnets.  Sounds like a powerful combination to me! 

Clixo is a fun package that includes flexible 2D shapes and magnets for kids to use to make 3D shapes. One of the best parts of Clixo that your kids will love, is that there is no right or wrong way to build! You can put the pieces together, and snap the magnets together anyway you please and you can try it a bunch of different times until you’re satisfied with what you built! You can make yourself something to use in your dollhouse with your dolls, or even a cool accessory to wear yourself, there is so many different ways to approach Clixo! Just like any generic toy like Legos that comes with a manual for you to build, it’s great for one kid, or for a group of kids! But what’s different from generic toys like Legos is, there is no manual so you use your imagination to build! And, Clixo doesn’t require flat surfaces to build! Two things that I know frustrated me with other building toys!  We received a sample of the “crew pack” ($45) that comes with 28 pieces and two spinners.  Perfect for ages 4 and up.  

You can choose from many different packs to have the shapes and magnets you want! And you can choose whichever pack is suitable for your price range ($30-130). I would really consider purchasing this for any child in your life, they’ll have a blast and their imagination and innovative thinking skills will take them away.  

Please check out CLIXO for your early holiday shopping needs!  This is a great STEM style gift!