Urbanista Lisbon Makes Tiny Earphones

The Lisbon Earphones Are Adorable


The Lisbon earphones from Urbanista are so cute and tiny; I can’t even. There are not many times you can use the phrase: “I Can’t Even” in a tech review, but this is that one time.  These things are cut but pack quite a bunch.

I took this photo specifically on my keyboard so you could see that each bud is basically the size of your Alt Key.

I have no idea how they’ve shrunk them this small, but they have. And when they’re in your ear, you can barely see them unless you’re looking for them.

But the coolest part is that these buds have a 9-hour play life.  Can somebody explain to me what sorcery allows these things to last 9 hours when they’re so tiny? The case itself powers it three times, so it has enough juice to go again three more times.


Final Take


They pack a nice quality punch for only $49 and I could easily see it being a cute fashion angle especially with some of the funky colors.  I remember in Tokyo the girls would scream “Kawaii” meaning “OMG so cute”, and I could only imagine the pink ones having that reaction. These are unbelievably cute but also a great value for what you’re getting.

Urbanista is available now.

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