Cloud Pets

cat_cloud_petsCloud Pets are a must this holiday; absolutely adorable and huggable stuffed toys (bear, elephant, cat, dog, bunny and unicorn are available).  This is not your average stuffed animal: here is the deal.  We downloaded the cloud pet app and so did our cousins midwest.  We begin sending Cloud Pet messages back and forth and a parent or guardian approves the message, allowing it to go direct to your cloud pet.  Worried you won’t know when you have a message; the animals heart will blink red, you simply press the paw and can hear your message.  By squeezing the paw again, you can record a message which goes wirelessly to a nearby device to be sent anywhere around the world you have a friend with a Cloud Pet.  I absolutely adore this concept; we can communicate with our friends anywhere through our adorable stuffed pet!  Moms and Dads: this app is more than just messaging; there are games, lullabies and more to keep your kiddies busy, relaxed whichever you prefer.

You as the parent choose what messages your children can receive, the battery life will last for 1000 messages (or in my home through the weekend LOL) and the app is compatible with iPhones 4,5 and 6, iPads Air, Mini’s 3 and 4, Google Nexus 4,5,6,7,9, Samsung Galaxy 3,4,5,6 and others!  For more info please visit  Free shipping for active duty military warms my heart!  Cloud Pets are $29.99.



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