Brewing at Home with Brewing America

Would you like to brew your own kombucha, cider, wine, and alcohol-infused drinks? What about cold brewing coffee, so no acids are present that give coffee its bitter taste and obscure the rich flavors? Brewing America has you covered. This U.S. veteran-owned and operated small American business offers quality products for a fair price, with free shipping in the USA!

We got the Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit: wide mouth for coffee, infused tea, and alcohol. With this kit, for only $38.99, you can make your own cold brew coffee and tea. It comes with a great manual explaining the whole process and giving you handy tips to optimize your production. Nine recipes are included. I personally adore the homemade frappuccino. It is very refreshing on a hot summer day and gives me a little boost midway through my day.

The stainless steel mesh has just the right size of filter holes. Not even our most annoyingly fine tea products got through and into the cold-brewed tea! The silicone seal on the cap is of high quality and prevents any leaks, even when testing the bottle upside down. The funnel has a handy wide opening, so it is easy to add the products to the jar without spilling. The pour lid is very handy.

Brewing America also sells dissolvable food labels, so you can label your containers without problems. The labels are large and offer plenty of space to write. Once done, you just hold them under running water for 30 seconds, and you can watch them disappear before your eyes!

For all your distilling needs, you can find the required product on the official website of Brewing America.

For our family, we are going to get another cold brew coffee maker kit. Because one is only good for one person! (I do not share.)

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