CocoaVia – Pure Cocoa for Your Drink

We are rapidly approaching the arrival of warm weather, summer and bathing suits.  I mean I personally think bathing suits after a pandemic should actually be illegal but whatever LOL.

What if you like chocolate; even love chocolate but want a healthier option to satisfy the craving and not have the waistline impact?!?  CocoaVia is a health supplement made with 450 mg of cocoa flavanols in each serving.  This is chocolate actually backed by science!  If taken daily the product supports healthy blood flow and blood pressure.  The supplement increases your body’s supply of nitric oxide.  It improves your memory.

This couldn’t be easier; you can grab their Memory+ Capsules, or their Heart & Brain Capsules but I am personally adoring their easy to use drink mix.  This is stick you mix with coffee, oatmeal or even hot cocoa and then you are on your way to a better heart and increased energy!  I drink coffee daily so this is not a big deal to add in at all and I am totally noticing my energy levels are going up!  I am working better at the office and at home!

Please consider checking this awesome company out!  It is literally a no brainer!