Manta Sleep Mask

So are you all as tired as I am?!?  I feel like I can never settle my mind at the end of a crazy day of work, kids and errands.  Once I finally lay down, I can’t actually settle because this mind of mine is racing!

How about a nice, super comfortable solution; I am putting Manta Sleep Mask to the test and boy am I happy with it!  This is your really soft and comfortable solution to 100% blackout sleep.  It is very breathable fabric; I do not get warm or sweaty at all.  There is no pressure or discomfort for your eyes including the lids and lashes.  I actually am very sensitive to things “on my face” and I really do relax with Manta.  You can adjust it very easily for any size head.  Oh and here’s the fun part it is very easy to pack up and bring with you when you travel (now that we can travel again) and it is 100% machine washable which is a relief after the traveling.

Think about it.  If you don’t get a good night’s sleep you can have health problems and also you aren’t functioning during the day at your full potential.  We all have bags under our eyes we try and fix with serum.  I say check out the mask, get better sleep, be more productive during the day and quite honestly give your body the full, comfortable rest you truly deserve!
Check it out!