Coconut Beach Products

Allergies are on high alert and I always love me a new product that caters to the gluten and dairy free environment I live in.  It is always a challenge to find a yummy snack product that is a safe choice and doesn’t taste horrible.  Coconut Beach has done the trick!  Absolutely delicious snack chips that are the perfect combination of everything!  These are Non-GMO, dairy/gluten-free, vegan, never fried and preservative free!  How is that even possible?! Total edible magic if you ask me! These coconut chips come in awesome flavors like dark chocolate covered, honey, coffee (my favorite), banana and chocolate.

Their coconut water drinks are the perfect solution to your morning or mid-day thirst.  Toss that icky soda to the side and go for a can of 100% coconut water (with or without pulp).   They are also vegan and dairy/gluten-free.  Try finding any fat, cholesterol or added sugar; I dare you.  Of the samples we were sent, each item was a hit in this house!  Coconuts are known to bring vitality and enhance energy so I say bring that on!  For more information on this fantastic company and how to purchase products please visit:


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