Coffee In My Shower…Sign Me Up!

Yup we are all in this together.  Kids have been home for months on end and like I’ve said before our bedrooms/dens/dining rooms have turned into home offices.  Clutter everywhere, I don’t know what day it is today and I’m falling apart slowly.  I think one of my favorite parts of the day was the early morning quiet commute and the ride home in the afternoon; both with a yummy cup of coffee.  That was my moments of sanity and no one was asking for their 10th meal of the day and I knew what day it was!

Check out from Joeski a wonderful gadget called Shower Coffee.  Yup – you heard me correctly; this is a portable shower coffee cup holder suitable for all hot beverages.  It is silicone and promises to grip any bath surface.  No wall mounts needed here.  I didn’t believe it either but I tried it out and it totally works.  My shower is marble but I tried it on glass and laminate and had the same positive result.  Simply remove the film from the back and mount it right to the wall.  You just have to wait 24 hours prior to using and then you are on your way.  Think co-worker gift, Father’s Day, graduation, off to college, teachers even holiday shopping early.  For around $16.00 you literally cannot go wrong.  Easy to grab up on Amazon so it is a no-brainer!