Dialing Back The Years With Bluelene

Let’s face it.  We aren’t getting any younger and this quarantine isn’t helping.  We have been cooped up, very little vitamin D and no spring break whatsoever.  No one’s hair color is what it was (or what we want people to think it is) and I see more wrinkles than ever.

Both myself and husband are dabbling in a new line of anti-aging skincare products called Bluelene.  What makes this product worth your time and quite honestly “ground breaking” is it’s major component methylene blue.  This is a super antioxidant that is stopping the clock!  Your skin will begin producing more collagen and elastin and in turn you will look younger and your skin will glow.  If you are like me and worried about allergies and sensitivity; worry not one more second here with these products.  This is paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and more.  It is suitable for any skin type.  I want to mention that during a time that salons and spas are closed this is the perfect solution.  You may actually thank me and when you save thousands by loving a product you can apply yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Three great components to the line: night cream, daily moisturizer and eye cream.  Each of these items will run you betwen $35-40; or grab the trio gift box for $100.00.  The daily moisturizer is really light and I apply to my face and neck in the morning.  The eye cream same deal here.  Once or twice a day, super light and not greasy at all and I already see a difference in the dark circles I always have.  The night cream is a wonderful end to the day.  Thin layer to face and neck and catch yourself some zzz’s.

Think Father’s Day, Grads, Teachers, Birthday’s or honestly just making time to pamper yourself!