GOODTO GO Snack Bars Fueling The Mid Day Slump!

Ok people – we need to stop the quarantine eating RIGHT NOW.  Summer is here; which means tighter clothes, bathing suits and quite honestly a horrible reminder of all the crap eating we’ve been doing to survive this scary pandemic.  I don’t know what happened to me personally but all of a sudden I was totally ok with cheese doodles at 10PM.  I am working on getting back on track this week by drinking way more water than I have been along with much healthier meals and snacks.

One of my new fave mid day snacks are GOODTO GO bars.  These are Keto-certified, paleo friendly, vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, peanut-free and kosher.  Wow!  all that in one yummy bar!  These are made with real ingredients – not chemicals.  I love the texture of these bars; almost like eating a soft chewy fresh out of the oven cookie to be honest.  And the flavors – I honestly challenge you to pick a favorite because you will adore each of them.  I have personally tried vanilla almond, strawberry macadamia, chocolate mint and raspberry lemon.  There are more options where that came from which excites me because of how fantastic these four are.  Each one is 160 calories and will help your plummeting blood sugar in a good way!  This is plant based fat – not bad fat!

You can purchase these in 9 packs by flavor for about $24 a box and variety packs are coming soon!