Colgate made an ad supporting gay pride and the internet lost their minds

Colgate cane out with the above advertisement on Facebook and the reactions are pretty intense. Now certainly that amount of toothpaste is greater than the recommended allotment but I’m not sure we are all going to have to repent over it.

Some highlights include God having mercy on our souls and the stock crashing. Now I’m quite fine with gay people brushing their teeth. I’m fine with basically everybody brushing their teeth. Oral health seems like a rather good idea and should be encouraged.

For some reason, this is a passion issue for people. But honestly I can understand anger over supporting hate groups. Like Nazi toothpaste would be concerning to me. But in this case it’s not telling people to be gay or saying that it’s toothpaste is gay. It’s simply saying that they support gay people and would like to encourage them to use their product.

As of the time of this writing no natural disasters have occurred and the stock has gone up and not down.

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