Combat Virtual Learning With The Circle


So we are all still pretty much knee deep in virtual learning.  My kid also did virtual dancing.  Honestly what is next…virtual summer camp??!!

From pretty much the beginning of this home school journey I have personally been worried about managing screen time, and safety.  These kids are online so much more now than ever before (and we thought before was bad).  My family has been utilizing Circle Home Plus for a few days now and this is honestly an amazing solution to my worries.

This product or as I call it my ” cube of wonder” allows us as parents to set limits, block content and manage screen time all in one.  I’m talking laptops, phones, game consoles, tablets, smart tvs…you name it.  Oh and did I mention you can do this tracking and setting ANYWHERE???  The hardware keeps your items in line at home, but use of their easy to navigate app makes sure you continue your monitoring while you are away from the house.  Here is another amazing feature – say your teenager is gone all day or not connected to the WiFi? Guess what; because you had the device already set up on your app you are good to go!  I don’t want to forget to say also that you can filter devices by child so it is completely tailored to your individual needs by age.

Need a break…pause the device. problem.  Reward got it.  Need to review history, usage or location?? IT IS ALL THERE!

Circle Home Plus will cost you around $129 and is easily available at Amazon, Best Buy and of course the company website.  My world has changed here; so can yours!