Quarantine Cleaning For Dads Using Golf/Auto Erasers!

I have the perfect little add-on gifts for the dad in your life for Father’s Day!  And ladies….this gift will for sure help you out too!  Remember all those times you asked the hubby to make your car shine on the weekends just to have him “never get to it” or “the game was on”??? Well now these little cleaning details are a quick task that he may even enjoy doing!  Win-Win for everyone!

This weekend my family put two new products to the test: GolfErasers and AutoErasers and we couldn’t be happier with the quality!

GolfErasers: This is an awesome super light weight 6 pack of soft sponges that will have you cleaning all your golf accessories easily in minutes!  All you need to add is water.  This is for clubs/balls/shoes you name it.  Step one; use the green side to scrub away large debris like dirt, grass or sand.  Step two; the white side for wiping away anything more.  They come with this great bag clip so you will always have them when you need them!  Available on Amazon for around $15!

AutoErasers: This here is the last auto detailing sponge we will ever purchase!  This is great for cars, trucks, even RV’s.  Thinking about taking a road trip this summer with an the uncertainty of flying? Just pop this in the glove box and you are good to go!  These are pre-moistened single use sponges all ready to go.  They work wonderful on rims, wheel wells, windows, panels, trim, interior and exterior.  Once again, really easy to use.  White side for removing gunk, dirt, scuffs and more (this side has a great scrubber feature) and the orange side is this super soft cloth like surface for buffing plastic, headlights, paint and any other sensitive spots on your vehicle.  These are also available on Amazon (3 pack for around $13.00 and a 12 pack for around $35.00).

Stock up and be ready for whatever the warmer weather brings!